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DevOps is a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools to increase an organization’s ability to deliver software at high velocity. Dev and Ops teams are no longer "siloed". To realize the full reward of DevOps, companies require clear identification of relevant DevOps processes, and automation of these processes to be competitive in the agile world of today.

Companies require experienced Kubernetes and DevOps engineers for taking all factors and requirements into consideration to transform their DevOps processes based on the Kubernetes platform.

Stakater offers DevOps Transformation on Kubernetes for companies to streamline processes across organizations and ensure visibility, trust and quick feedback at every stage of software delivery.
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Why it makes sense for companies

Get on the fast track to DevOps transformation.
Reduce the lead time for software delivery.
Stay ahead of competitors with a quicker time to market.
Get the best Return on Investment for your software delivery.
Leap ahead of your competitors

Stakater offers transformation in these DevOps concerns


Automation of collection of basic metrics and simplify configuration for additional metrics to monitor key systems in the ecosystem.


Simplify configuration of metrics thresholds, and notify stakeholders on deviation in working state for proactive management


Simplify configuration and automate collection, indexing and visualization of application and infrastructure logs to provide a detailed picture of events.


Provide a more detailed picture of communication flow between microservices and their dependency relationships


Automate discovery and unify management of services


Add robust security policies, and unify authentication and authorization of apps, tools and the platform.


Automate and simplify auditable continuous deployment to help deliver software with agility and confidence.

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What you get
Installation and Set-up Journal
Installation and Set-up Journal
We set up a playbook along with training of the DevOps team to make sure any set up performed initially can be recreated if needed.
Tool-set for effective DevOps automation
Tool-set for effective DevOps automation
We deploy the tool-set required to effectively automate different aspects of DevOps
Pilot application deployment
Pilot application deployment
We deploy a pilot application enabled for continuous deployment and integrated with the platform and the tools-set in a configurable way.
Production-ready Kubernetes platform
Production-ready Kubernetes platform
We architect and create a secure hardened set up that seamlessly integrates with the underlying infrastructure
Infrastructure configured
Infrastructure configured
We follow the concepts of Infrastructure-as-code and GitOps to make Infra and Operations scalable, recreatable and auditable
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