Kubernetes on the Edge

Bring the power of Kubernetes to your devices
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Enteprises leveraging the Internet of Things are looking for more autonomy for their devices
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Edge computing allows companies to perform data processing close to their devices instead of in a centralized cloud location.

Enteprises want to leverage the power of Kubernetes for their Edge computing needs in the same way as their Cloud computing ecosystem.

Stakater offers implementation of a well-architected and secure production-grade Kubernetes platform for your Applications on the Edge.
Offering Overview
On-Site + Remote
  1. Kubernetes Platform Setup
  2. Application Pilot
  3. Team Enablement
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Why it makes sense for companies

Use lightweight Kubernetes for low resource computing
Boost your Edge Computing ecosystem
Achieve a secure and well-architected Kubernetes platform
Reduce the lead time for software delivery on your devices
Get the best Return on Investment for your software delivery
Leap ahead of your competitors
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What you get
Installation and Set-up Journal
Installation and Set-up Journal
We set up a playbook along with training of the DevOps team to make sure any set up performed initially can be recreated if needed.
Tool-set for effective DevOps automation
Tool-set for effective DevOps automation
We deploy the tool-set required to effectively automate different aspects of DevOps
Pilot application deployment
Pilot application deployment
We deploy a pilot application enabled for continuous deployment and integrated with the platform and the tools-set in a configurable way.
Production-ready Kubernetes platform
Production-ready Kubernetes platform
We architect and create a secure hardened set up that seamlessly integrates with the underlying infrastructure
Infrastructure configured
Infrastructure configured
We follow the concepts of Infrastructure-as-code and GitOps to make Infra and Operations scalable, recreatable and auditable
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