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Organizations have adopted containers and Kubernetes to automate their application operations and make their business applications portable, secure, scalable and easy to manage. While booting a Kubernetes cluster is fairly painless, a production-grade Kubernetes environment can be complex, and require significant expertise to operate. Additionally managing an application platform on top of that is considerably challenging.

Companies not only require an application stack for running their business processes, they need such an application stack to be configurable yet consistent and auditable, upgradable and devops enabled yet upgradable and cost-effective.

Stakater Kubernetes Service is a fully managed enterprise Kubernetes platform hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, VMWare, OpenStack or Stakater Cloud. With Stakater Kubernetes Service (SKS), innovators can focus on what matters, stay competitive, and outpace rising customer expectations without worrying about managing the underlying infrastructure.

With SKS, Stakater builds and manages your Kubernetes clusters, allowing you to focus on your business. We offer SKS for on-premises or your choice of public cloud allowing you to optimize your multi-cloud strategy that best suits your needs. SKS enables teams across your organizations to consume Kubernetes-as-a-service.

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Why it makes sense for companies

Faster return on investment
Get up and running quickly
Reduce Operational Overhead
Fully managed from infrastructure to Day-to-day operations
SRE Support
Enhance security with automated patching and upgrades with zero downtime
Empower developer productivity
Focus on developing apps that add value to the business
Flexible consumption based pricing
Optimize costs with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model (Monthly or yearly binding).
Leap ahead of your competitors

Solution Overview

With Stakater Kubernetes Service you can deploy a containerized, hybrid environment to meet digital business needs for running your mission critical systems.
Primary Capabilities
Primary Capabilities

  • Supported, integrated, and automated architecture with a validated cluster deployment
  • Seamless Kubernetes deployment on the public cloud
  • Fully scalable, global, enterprise-grade public cloud

Key Benefits
Key Benefits

  • Accelerated time to market on a best-of-breed platform
  • Consistent experience across your hybrid cloud
  • Scalable, reliable, supported hybrid environment with a certified ecosystem of proven ISV solutions
  • Containers with cloud-based consumption model and integrated billing

Challenges Addressed
Challenges Addressed

  • Keeping up with the ever changing set of open source projects.
  • Servicing the increased needs of your app development teams.
  • Managing a diverse, complex non-compliant development, security, and operations environment.

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What you get
Fully managed enterprise Kubernetes
Fully managed enterprise Kubernetes
  • Professionally managed infrastructure
  • Automated deployment of Kubernetes clusters
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery management
  • Storage configuration and backup management
  • Network and firewall management
  • Patch and upgrade management
  • Provision management, security, backup, network components
  • Security processes and controls aligned with industry standards.
  • Virtual Network integration
  • Persistent storage volumes
  • Flexible pricing and consumption. Use existing cloud or purchase a standard cluster through Stakater.
Full-service clusters
Full-service clusters
  • World class support
  • Global regional availability
  • End-to-end service including building, installing, upgrading, managing, and maintaining every cluster.
  • High uptime (99.5% uptime SLA and support)
Supporting services
Supporting services
  • Automated Development Workflows
  • Identity and access management
  • Compliance and security policy enforcement
  • Performance and capacity management
  • Image and registry management
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