Here is what our team of Kubernauts has to offer

  • Cloud vendor or K8S distribution?
  • Stateless or stateful?

And much more… We guide you through it all.

  • Application lifecycle management
  • Cluster and services security

And much more… We manage and optimize your workload

  • Application failure
  • Node failure

And much more… We monitor and troubleshoot any errors

Our Partnerships

Registered partners

Kubernetes Support Subscription

Subscribe to Stakater support and receive Kubernetes with a cherry... nay, cherries on top. You will receive Stakater goodies to make your Kubernetes adoption and management way easy. Additionally our team will provide you support for your kubernetes cluster. Backed by our experience, we provide advice to avoid issues, and debugging and fix support if any issues do occur.


For small workloads

  • 1 supported configuration
  • Up to 20 nodes
  • Opensource tool pack
  • Public Slack channel
  • 1 day response time

Professional Plan

Customizable for Pro teams

  • Up to 3 supported configurations
  • Up to 200 nodes
  • Opensource tool pack
  • Dedicated Slack channel
  • Customizable support coverage

Enterprise Plan

For Enterprise Workloads

  • Up to 5 supported configurations
  • Up to 800 nodes
  • Opensource tool pack
  • Dedicated Slack channel
  • Customizable support coverage

Professional Services

We offer a wide range of customized services, expertise, and skills that fit your exact needs. We offer help with various steps and aspects of your DevOps processes from defining a lean infrastructure to automating your production system deployment and monitoring. We can provide consultation and collaborate with your own DevOps team, or our team of full spectrum developers can take on the responsibility to design and develop for you. From proof of concept to production-ready systems, we can help build and automate a fully-integrated DevOps infrastructure for you. The areas which we can help you with are:

Kubernetes Architecture & Security

Design and run a secure kubernetes infrastructure with optimized cost and performance

Infrastructure Automation

Automate, modularize and reuse infrastructure as Code

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Develop CI & delivery pipelines for an automated quality assurance and deployment process


Aggregate and report on logs retrieved from all services across all server nodes


Monitor and report on health of services across all server nodes


Generate meaningful alerts that escalate to the right people for the right severity